Would you like to Grow your Own Herbs & Vegetables at home ?

Our 'gongroa'   kit may just be one of the easiest method yet. 

Designed by Professional Growers and Horticulturists, to be quick & straightforward , the plants are already growing, they just need a little longer to be ready to eat,using organic seeds & plants.

 This 'Hort Cuisine' example is for those that enjoy a wider variety of home grown vegetables.


Specially designed for smaller spaces, our patented garden bedding systems can be purchased partially grown direct from the grower to save you time, low maintainance ,all are fresh naturally grown from organic seeds, available in multiply combinations of herbs & vegetables. So you can have just salads, or just Herbs for example

and from yesteryear a truely enormous undertaking...


With the right preparation all are suitable, it's just a matter of how much you want to grow and how much time you would like to allocate to the growing part.

The traditional way is careful ground preparation then timing. Our new system reduces much of this to a more simple process.

planting 1