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Getting Started
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It's easy to get started creating your own Herb or Veggie Garden at home.

The first thing to do is to find a place where you can grow plants. This may be an existing vegetable garden outside, or perhaps some space on a deck or patio, or maybe a window ledge, or perhaps an attic or garage.

It's important to consider all the aspects to growing plants - lighting, water, temperature etc, which we will help explain shortly.

This is an 'Allotment' or 'Community Garden' available to rent from usually a local authority.


or perhaps a 'prepared' planting bed in the yard ?

planting bed 2

Or perhaps a raised bed on a hard standing, to make growing easier

potager 2

For the more enthusiatic a little larger garden perhaps...requires planning and time.

potager flowers  5

or for the really serious with time on their hands.....the 'Knot' Garden.

potager 11

and from yesteryear a truely enormous undertaking...


With the right preparation all are suitable, it's just a matter of how much you want to grow and how much time you would like to allocate to the growing part.

The traditional way is careful ground preparation then timing. Our new system reduces much of this to a more simple process.

planting 1


This simple process is about as easy as it gets... purchase the already growing garden kits take home, water allow to grow a little longer then gather the crops..then reorder more throughout the seasons.